Monday, April 29, 2013


Is it weird that I’m as excited as I am about having a new blog to play around with? I started one last year, Never Ending Journey, but the name and theme never really fit me (theme being the overarching idea of the blog, not the design). I am, however, extremely happy with my new idea for this blog, and the theme of it. I hope to write, and possibly discuss, things related specifically to home life and the Catholic faith on my own minuscule corner of this vast technological wasteland we dub the Internet, but in a way that showcases the fact that the home we live in and our home in the Catholic Church are not separate. Our lives as Catholics should be reflected in every aspect of our lives, not just which buildings pews we find ourselves in every Sunday morning.  
As a convert from the good ol’ Southern Baptist faction to the millennia’s old Catholic Church, I find myself with an overwhelming amount of information to not only read about and think briefly on, but to truly learn. And, as any education major will heartily agree, there is a vast difference between “learning” and learning. One you gain information for one specific event, such as a test that you cram for and pass but then promptly forget everything you just “learned”, and the other you gain information for life.
And it’s not just about what our beliefs are, but what they are, why they are, how they are, where they came from, who was the first to teach each one, how do we know it’s an infallible teaching, where are the sources for this or that, ect. Not only that, but I want to teach it to my children, and help them learn it so they can live their lives to the fullest. And I’ve read once or twice that it is incredibly hard to do such when the extent of my faith is a ‘Hail Mary’ every now and then and an odd possessiveness to a certain stretch of a padded bench in the back of my local parish that I occupy once a week (hey, some habits die hard).
Maybe it’s not weird that I’m as excited as I am. There’s a lot of possibility for what could happen here, and more than enough motivation to get it done. Maybe if I’m articulate enough I’ll help you on your journey to do the same, and maybe, if we’re both willing to work at it, we’ll do good enough with the tools we’ve been given to move our personal mountains, and we’ll be known by ‘saint’ one day. Now wouldn’t that be something?